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tv   News  ABC  July 21, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." a murder history along the eastern shore. what investigators are saying about a skull found on the beach. this morning a cheating scandal at baltimore city fire academy. what action is being taken after emts are accused of cheating. and history is about 30 minutes away you will watch atlantis make the final landing. that's coming up on this thursday. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining. it's going to be a hot one when it's this warm this early. >> sticky and nasty out there. eds it's the heat and it's -- it's the heat and humidity. >> you nailed it i can't say anymore adjectives. i could say scorching because we have scorching days ahead. because of the heat and humidity, we do have excessive
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heat warning in effect this afternoon. and that heat index is going tomake it feel like we are 1hundred -- 110 outside, rather. and we won't be as sizzling heading towards the end of the weekend. but it's going to feel awful for today. here's the heat warning i was talking about in efct from noon to friday night -- effect from noon to friday night. it encompasses the entire viewing area. stay in the shade and air conditioning if you can. check on elderly and don't leave the pet or children in the car. let's check the traffic right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and mta says marc train 841 is five minutes late. so be aware of that on the camden line. okay at tunnels and bridges. let's look at the beltway. we are doing all right here as well. we have a few cars out there, a little heavier on the outer loop to the left. inner loop is moving well as well. we do have one accident that just came in that's going to be
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on the outer loop at 295. so be aware of that. megan. >> all right, thanks so much. a man walking along the beach in kent county makes disturbing discovery. he finds a human skull. now investigators say they have a homicide case on their hands. sherrie johnson is here with the details. >> reporter: megan, tolchester beach is a peaceful and scenic area where people like to get away. but a human skull was fond along the beach and the area is the focus of a murder investigation. a man walk i a long the beach -- awalking along the beach found the human -- walking along the beach found the human skull. investigators have ruled it a homicide. and state police contacted other law enforcement in the region asking them to search missing person files. investigators are trying to find out who the person was and how he died. again, the skull was found on the beach in kent county. authorities have ruled it a homicide. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. this morning, a three-
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carcrash injured a young boy. three cars were involved in the collision that shut down bel air in kingsville. first responders accused quickly to get the young boy to anambulance and check on the others. rebecca rushed over to see if she could help. >> there's a lady that is the first car in the white cadillac that pulled up right there a minute before she would have been in the middle of this mess. and i said she is not as resilient as the little guy they are take over to the helicopter. >> word is that boy is recovering at the hospital this morning. i am crying because it breaks my heart. i just know that family or three families are hurting.
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so, you know, i want everybody to pray for them and support them. >> parishioners at california church r in shock after three of their own died while hiking. the three were visiting yosemite when they were swept over a water fall late on monday. they apparently ignored a barricade above the 317 foot fall. free lance television producer says he met with casey anthony in california about a million dollar interview. now the producer says he got a call from a representative saying if he wanted to meet with her, to go to a certain area in 15 minutes. he says the first thing he said when he met anthony what she said was "where's the check." casey anthony was acquitted earlier this month on charges she murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee. well check this out, it's called jogelling. have you done this? >> i wesh coy. a woman -- i wish i could. it's a sport where people run
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and juggle. trisha evans broke the record running a 5k and juggling three balls. >> i met a guy that juggleed 26 miles while running. >> is it is a mental thing? >>i doesn't know it's impressive. >> and people say walking and chewing gum is hard. it's hot and the hair is humid. seems heavy but that's not the only reason we have troublebreathing here. >> we are now going to find out we don't want to be a part of this one. what puts us there and who is ahead of us on the pollution scale.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:38. as if the heat and humidity didn't make it hard enough to breath. it seems the air in our state is polluted. according to a report by the natural resources defense council, maryland is the 5th worst for toxic air pollution. 91% of the toxins come from power plants. constellation energy and it's
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one of the nation's worst polluteers. the most toxic state is ohio followed by pennsylvania. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. so you know what's in store and what's coming today. we have been priming the atmosphere for all this humidity for all this heat that we will be seeing for today. maryland's most powerful radar is dry as of now. some of you want to see a thunderstorm that's possible, maybe isolated in nature this afternoon. but it's not going to cool anything down. if anything, it's going to make it more steamy outside. right now, the temperature coming in right around 80 at edgemere elementary. the heat index is around 86 degrees. and we are seeing more of the same into elkton around 73. and that humidity is coming in at 87%. this is hour by hour forecast. by lunchtime today, 94. i don't advice you eating lunch outdoors. stay in the shade and air conditioning if you can throughout the day. and the high temperature will
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be right around 99. we have an excessive heat warning in effect at noon today. all right. let's go over to tonya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are starting to get some volume up on the top side of the beltway. even the west side as well. let's look at the beltway at liberty road. so the right of the screen is the outer loop. that's where you are starting to see slowdowns tapping the brake lights i don't see anything up ahead in the cameras. so, that's a good sign. just volume. we have an accident on the outer loop at 295. the two right lanes are closed there. that could be feeding around the volume. 95 northbound at caton, we do have an incident on the feeder ramp. charley. >> thanks a lot. are you ready for football? hopefully the players and owners are. >> no doubt about it. it looks like the lockout could be coming to a close. i feel like we say that a lot. >> we say it every day. >> a big vote expected today in atlanta. >> reporter: they do so much when things get out of hand. i am linda so. firefighters from around the
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country will be coming to baltimore. why this year's firehouse expo convention will be especially emotional.
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hi. we all know where we were, what we were doing. it's hard to forget. we are talking about september lent 11th. that's especially true for fire fighters who put their lives on the line to save others. linda so is live at the baltimore convention center to see how thousands of fire fighters will pay tribute today. >> reporter: a lot is planned for this annual fire convention. the firehouse expo happens every year here. what makes this special is the we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. a lot of moving tributes involved here and one involves this book written by harvey eisner. tell us about this. this is really detailed look at what happened that day. >>i was able to interview 95 firefighters on the scene before, during and after the attacks. and so many of the firefighters
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did survive. one of the groups i interviewed made it up to the 35th floor and other firefighters were in the hotel. my main focus was to document history. 30 or 100 years from now someone wants to know what happened, here a glimpse of what the fireservice did. >> reporter: and tell us about this picture on the front page? >> the fire chief is one of the city wide tour commanders and you can see the problem 7 or 800 feet up in the air where the flames struck. there's not a fire department in the world that would have been able to put the fire out. and when one of the towers did collapse, this chief was killed among the 343 firefighters lost that day. >> reporter: and along with the stories, you have amazing pictures in this book. can you show us some of them? >> we have been fortunate to let me turn it around for one second. this is a sequence of the collapse of the north tower. it is made a tremendous dust cloud over lower manhattan and we have a picture taken from the space station i guess 130 miles up in the air that shows it. but this is the most amazing
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shot. the firefighters were trying to run away from the dust cloud after the collapse and no one could outrun this and that's why a lot of the firefighters and first responders and civilians are sick today. >> reporter: and there's another picture you showed us from before. >> this is the collapse of the south tower. many firefighters i did interview a dozen of them were in the hotel and some on the top floor and it took 9 or 10 seconds for that building to collapse 110 stories. one of the firefighting groups was on the top floor and the collapse actually took one of the firefighters down with him. so many firefighters were killed there trying to make sure those buildings were evacuated in about three seconds it will collapse on the hotel. >> reporter: wow. and you will be here at the convention talking to people about your book, signing them as well. when will you be available. >> thursday, friday and saturday afternoon i will be signing my book and i am also the program dreactor of the
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show -- director of the show so i run the programs and pick the speakers. we have a lot of people related to 9/11 that will be here to relive the stories and give lessons learned of the incidents to the firefighters so if they anticipate anything in the future they will be better prepared. >> reporter: thanks for all you do. a special book here. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we will have much more in the newscast coming up. live at baltimore con-- at the baltimore convention center, linda so. >> thanks very much. 5:47 a man waiting sentencing on a first-degree murder convict has been accused of trying to escape from jail. justin michael adelphi removed afoot long hinge from a observation window at the worcester county jail and used it to pry open a security window. and that was the whole casing. he was convicted in the 2007 death of a 26-year-old woman christine shedy and he faces life in prison without the chance of parole when he is
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sentenced in september. new this morning, all of baltimore city emts the instructors there have been put on a dem administrative leave until the investigation into the cheating allegations we have been it will you about is complete. 20 students are accused of getting their hands on a state exam before they took an ems test. they were in the same class. the exam was found at a trading facility on northern parkway -- training facility on northern parkway and involves the practical segment. it test recruits on the ability to take care of injured patients. if the department can identify those behind the cheating they will revamp the program. nfl players and owners are work on a final labor agreement that will be ready for a vote possibly today. the players passed on the vote yesterday and a person familiar with the negotiatings says there were terms needing to be worked out. players have been laked out for 4 months and the deal must abe
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proved -- locked out for four months and the deal has to be approved by owners and ratified. magic johnson says he will make a big announcement but won't say what it is about. the former basketball player posted he would be making a huge announcement in detroit and went onto say he is looking forward to putting people back to work in his home state. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> hi. i am meteorologist lynette charles and on this thursday, we should be right around 66 degrees for this time of the yearch the record was set in 19- - year. the record was set in 1956. it was 53 and the high should be at 88 degrees. it's going to be a far cry from that today and we will be close to the record set in 1930 at 104. as we look at the highs yesterday, not so bad when you compare with what we will have
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today and upcoming days. we came in around 93 into baltimore and also into easton. patuxent river around 906789 but it felt like -- 90, but it felt like we were in the triple digits because of the humidity. starting off in the upper 70s this morning except for oakland coming in around 68. we are at 73 in york, pennsylvania. the moisture out there is high. very oppressive dew points. we are going to be feeling miserable as we go throughout the day with the dew points in the 70s, close to 80 in easton right around 77 degrees. so, once you factor in the heat and that humidity, well, we have the excessive heat warning as we go throughout the afternoon. so this goes into effect at lunchtime today and remains in effect until friday night and basically encompasses the entire viewing area. you want to limit your exposure to outdoors for today. the weather pattern has the humidity in place. it already has the hot temperatures in place. but we are going to get even hotter as we have the bubble of
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high pressure that is sliding in as we go throughout the day. and it will remain in here as we go into the beginning of the weekend. future radar picks up on maybe an isolated shower, thunderstorm as we go throughout the day and also even into tomorrow and possibly on saturday. but all in all, things are not too bad in terms of the thunderstorms. but we are talking about the heat, the tropical weather and the tropics right now tropical storm bret and tropical storm cindy look like they are pushing away from the united states. that's some good news. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 99 degrees, close to 100 but excessive heat warning is in effect making it feel like 110 outside. by tonight, that temperature will be right around 78 degrees. we do have that steam bath that's going to be hazy and sticky and very uncomfortable going into the evening time frame. and then by tomorrow, that temperature coming in right around 101 and the heat warning will continue and it's going to feel like we are about 115 degrees outside.
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>> reporter: traffic is moving well on harrisburg expressway and jfx. 95 north of 195, no problems to report here. traffic is building in both directions as the sun comes up. 195 is moving well as well. we have an accident on the outer loop at 295 that's affecting the two right lanes. so look for a slowdown and a incident wrapping up 59 northbound at caton on the feeder ramp. charley. >> in a few minutes, atlantis is returning to earth. >> we are awaiting this. and we will bring you live pictures of cape canaveral. the 135th shuttle launch into space. a dark picture out there. we will bring it you to as we monitor this situation as atlantis makes the historic landing. we will be right back.
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all right. welcome back. another historic day. the final shuttle landing returning to earth in about a minute and a half. thus the end to the nasa space shuttle program. >> we can bring you live pictures but there's not a lot to see because this is the infrared picture. that is black screen and if you
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look, there's a teeny dot. that's at lant -- tiny dot. that's atlantis. atlantis blasted off back on july 8th. so this is the 135th flight in shuttle history. >> there's small dot around 8:00 on your screen. >> all right. >> is that it? our producers are not responding to us. whatever this little -- moo that's the inside of the cockpit i was told. and they are a hadn't away from landing. that's why we are staying on the picture because it could be something incredible to see 50 second from now. we will sit on this and wait to see what is going to happen. >> a couple years ago when working in arkansas, one of the space shuttle missions -- there it is -- was coming in and the sonic boom came over central arkansas and we could hear it inside the studio during the morning show. and it was a cool experience. >> it's always interesting to
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watch it land and especially this is a special landing. this is the view from inside the cockpit. so, pretty incredible and this grand finale is 50 years to the day. >> gear down. >> yes. first shuttle mission was april 12th, 1981, chum yarks and this is the final one safely -- columbia, and this is the final one safely landing. >> you can't see it because of the video being dark but there's a huge crowd to watch and witness history. so, i know it doesn't seem like a lot to see but we thought we would bring you this historic moment. the last flight for shuttle atlantis. >> correcting myself it's 5:57 eastern daylight time. my floor director tom was about ready to smack me on that one. >> he will let you know. >> yeah. 1981 the first and 2011 the last. there you have it. >> we will see if we can get more different image as we head to break and we will bring them to you as they become available. we will be right back.
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